UNMASKED: North Dakotans Honor Brain Injury Awareness Month

About 20 masks were decorated at the Dakota Alpha Center. One for each resident that's been the victim of a brain injury. Jim Crawford is from Minot and grew up on the Air Force base.

"Brian Bruscramer hit a ball out there and I went back to get it and it bounced off the top of my head and I went down," said Crawford.

He was the only one that used his mask to show where his injury occurred when he was a child.

"This eye's black cause I can't see out of this eye. Can't see you. Can't see you. Can't see you," he said. 

Others decorated theirs with family photos, tears or stars - whatever their heart desired.

"Just made masks to help show that we've rehabbed and they were fun they were exciting," said Rick Kuhn, another mask-maker.

"They all have a unique story to tell and the way they picture their injury or their life now is all very different so they've all turned out very unique and just very cool," said Nickie Livedalen, Resource Facilitator of the North Dakota Brain Injury Network.

The masks will eventually be put on display at the capitol for brain injury awareness month. Through it all, Jim still manages to have a good sense of humor and keep others smiling.

"I'm still very humorous and in good spirits about it all cause I couldn't have done anything about it all. I think my brother is one of the ones who jumped on me because I was always beating him up at home," said Crawford.

Brain Injury Awareness Day is celebrated March 23 nationwide.

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