Two Bismarck stores investigated by police over CBD Oil

UPDATE (5:23 pm) : The Bisman Co-op released the following statement: “The Bisman Food Co-op is fully committed to providing to our members and customers a variety of health and wellness products that are safe, consistent with the co-op’s guiding principles, and compliant with all state and federal laws.”

Bismarck Police officers with the Narcotics Unit raided both Terry's Health Products and the Bismarck Co-op today.
According to a spokesman for Terry's Health Products, the officers demanded they take all of their CBD oil off the shelves.
They also bought samples to take with them.

CBD oil is created from a compound of the hemp plant and is said to have some healing components.
We aired a story last week about CBD oil, and how sales are on the rise.
Terry's Health Products says officers told them that CBD became a schedule 1 drug under North Dakota law in December.
A spokeswoman for the store says they were completely unaware of the change in law.
She was also told officers would be testing for both CBD and THC in the products.
If found positive for either, the store could potentially be charged with Distributing a Schedule 1 drug.
The Class B felony is punishable by up to 20 years in jail.
Multiple calls and messages left with the Bismarck Police Department have not been returned.

Both the Bismarck Co-op and Terry's Health Products say the product has been flying off the shelves recently.
Terry's tells us they have been selling CBD for 3 years, and the Co-op has been selling it for a year.

Terry's Health Products says they were told CBD is a Schedule 1 drug.
We looked into what that means.
In North Dakota there are five schedules of drugs.
Schedule I is considered the most dangerous with a high potential of abuse and addiction with no recognized medical value.
A Schedule V drug has low potential for abuse and is currently an accepted medical use in treatment in the U.S.

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