Anti-Smoking Goes to the Capitol in a Unique Way

A Mock Coffin Used to Symbolize a Good Cause

Bismarck - Anti-smoking advocates took to the Capitol today - and they made their point in a unique way.

North Dakotans, put in toe tags into a mock coffin to represent a thousand lives lost each year due to the use of tobacco.

Kristie Wolff, from the American Lung Association, says "There are so many people that come through at this time and at the session. It is a great message to get out the true cost of tobacco in North Dakota."

Toe tags were placed in a mock coffin at the capitol building. To urge lawmakers to continue funded tobacco prevention programs. Students also put their feelings on tobacco into words. 

Heather 2: "Students across the area filled out actual tears telling their personal stories about how tobacco addiction and nicotine addiction has affected their daily lives from having a loved one die as a cause from having to breathe in from second hand smoke because of family members still addicted."

Gavin Hill Olson knows first hand from experience because smoking affects him personally and he says, "My dad, he was a smoker for a couple years, but then he stopped because he saw me reacting to it. I would cough and I have asthma. So it is really bad for me. If I am even near a cigarette anywhere. So it's just bad for everybody."

He himself is also smoke free because he knows the cost of cigarettes does not come cheap. 

Gavin Hill Olson is a student, "I am smoke free because it is very nice to have the money and to not waste it on cigarettes or anything like that or even EpiPen is not very good. I heard that you can still get addicted to nicotine even if you take that."

In the capitol building it was all hands on deck to get the word out on smoking prevention. 

According to Kristie Wolff, about 46 hundred north dakota high school students smoke.


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