Tips for Fire Safety this Winter

Bismarck - With winter weather you might not be thinking about how to keep your home safe from fires.

But with the new season there are new ways your house could be at risk.

In fact with the winter snow comes new hazards.

"Fire safety is a common sense thing, every year we want to remind people of everything we talked about prevention wise," Michael Voigt, chief of Bismarck Rural Fire Department says.

Come winter, comes more cooking in doors, which requires more cooking precautions.

"A leading cause of cooking fires is unattended cooking," Voigt says.

Another way you can prevent fire in the winter is when cooking  keep a close eye on your stove top and set timers to remind yourself to turn off the oven.

When burning candles, keep them out of bedrooms and in open spaces.

"[It's important to] be careful with candles in the house and with space heaters," Voigt says.

Make sure they're plugged in directly to a wall, not a power strip, and clear of any debris.

And when it comes to keeping your furnace up to date, and safe, yearly check ups are better left to the professionals.

"As early as possible get an appointment for us to come out and do a clean and check that way we can cover all the basics," Thomas A Kambeitz, Bismarck Heating and Air says.

"Make sure that everything is running appropriately so that you don't run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning," Voigt says.

Following a few simple safety rules can make a world of difference this winter.

"Just be careful with your appliances. Have them inspected, have working smoke detectors, have fire extinguishers, and just be careful," Voigt says.

To keep you and your home fire free in the cold months ahead.

Chief Voigt says if you have a fire place or wood stove make sure you have it serviced annually to make sure it is safe to use this season.

And another way to keep you and your family safe is to make sure all of your fire extinguishers are up to date and haven't expired.

To find out if your fire extinguisher is up to code you can visit the Kidde website here.

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