Tensions Remain High Between DAPL Protestors and Police

By Malique Rankin | mrankin@kxnet.com

Published 10/23 2016 07:05PM

Updated 10/24 2016 12:28AM

There are tense relations between police and protesters this weekend with the number of arrests piling up. Friday police moved a barricade that was 30 miles from the protest camp grounds to 8 miles.
Saturday more than 80 pipeline protestors were arrested for trespassing.

Sunday in Cannonball a crowd of protestors pitched tents at another new location.

"Hundreds gathered in protest this morning near a construction site in Cannonball. Incidents included police shooting down a protest drone and protesters setting up camp at yet another site about a mile from the main camp grounds. Road blocks have been up for hours. Altogether, it's a pretty chaotic scene in cannonball."

Tensions between the protesters and DAPL workers have risen this weekend.

Protestor: "Get video! Get out there and get video!"

Joye Braun: "Two, what looked like DAPL security officers on ATV's, came up over the hill, chased some of our people"

Yesterday, Highway Patrol Officers commented on the large number of arrests made.

Captain Brian Niewind: "They continue to engage in these situations where they're unlawfully present on private property. They're creating chaos actually for law enforcement when we have to respond and create a dangerous environment for us."

By 4:00 p.m. protesters parked their cars in the road, blocking traffic. Police say the situation escalated with hay bales, rocks, and tree stumps piled in the streets.

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