Tech Tuesday: Robotic Lawn Mower

By Jim Gefroh |

Published 10/25 2016 08:12AM

Updated 10/25 2016 08:12AM

If you could get a robot to do your work for you, would you? One man explains how he gets a lot of his work around the yard done...Without doing much at all.
Dave Lehman knows that yard work can be time consuming.
"The lawn grows very fast and so it had us spending every weekend basically doing yard care" says Dave. 
But Dave's weekends won't be taken up by yard work any longer thanks to the help of a little friend.
"Some of them call it batman, some chopper some bonnie" says Dave. 
Dave says this robotic lawn mower is relatively new to the US. There is guide wire in the yard to give the mower a layout to mow. And when the battery is running low, the mower goes and charges itself. He says the mower is also a neighborhood favorite.
"We've had a lot of folks that slowed down as they drive by. We've had a lot of folks that have walked into the yard just to take a look at it. The kids love it, they will follow it around or whatever" says Dave.
And if you are wondering about the safety of the robotic lawn mower, the blades are about this size and if it runs into you, well, this happens...
"The soil health is better, the cost is coming down now to where you are probably in the range of a good lawn mower so if you can take the time out of it, why not?" says Lehman.  
And Dave says as for people who might prefer to do things old-school...
"Well they can push the lawn mower and then I'll go out on the river" says Lehman.
Dave says you can purchase different kinds of mowers for many different yard sizes. He says it costed him roughly 3 to 4 thousand dollars for his and that it takes about 2 days to mow 7 properties. 

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