Tech Tuesday: How Baseball Bats are Made

By Jim Gefroh |

Published 10/18 2016 08:14AM

Updated 10/18 2016 08:14AM

We are in the midst of the MLB baseball playoffs. Every player has several bats to choose from during the game. In today's tech Tuesday segment, we take a look at how some of those bats are made. A special type of Lathe is used to create the bat. A lathe is a machine for shaping wood, metal, or other material by a rotating drive that turns the piece being worked on against changeable cutting tools. Turning a bat by hand at a lathe can take about 30 minutes, but with a Computer Numerical Control lathe, or CNC lathe, it takes only 45 seconds! After about 2,500 rotations later, a bat is made and ready for play. And even though blond wood is the most popular, players can choose any color they'd like! And the majority of players use Louisville Slugger bats. 

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