Supporters Call for Reduction in Oil Dependancy

It's not just about stopping a pipeline, but curving oil dependancy

By Alicia Ewen |

Published 09/20 2016 04:34PM

Updated 09/20 2016 04:34PM

When you live right next to it, you can forget just how big the Missouri River is. 
Sheila Nelson just saw it for the first time.
She's from an area in Arizona that doesn't have bodies of water like this. 
"And when we saw the river…running the pipeline through there. We are just shocked," says Sheila Nelson. 
Her and her two friends came to show support for Standing Rock.
For them this isn't just about not building a pipeline underneath a large body of water, but also reducing our dependancy on oil overall. 
"You hear of oil breaks everywhere and people suffer from it. It's not a good thing," says Darlene Keams. 
And about finding a happy medium between how to use oil and transport it. 
"It's time for that greater calling. No matter how big, not matter how little. That's why I'm here to do what I can," says another protester.
And for all of these people, every little bit one person can do counts. 
"I'm glad I'm here," says Nelson. 
The man from Wisconsin says he experience his own pipeline fight back in Wisconsin. 
He says it started off a lot like Cannonball and continued for two and a half years. 

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