Star Wars Fans Suit up to do Good

Bismarck - Before they can use the force for good, these Star Wars super fans are making sure they look the part.

The force is strong with these ones.

But before they suit up, they have to make them.

"My personal set of armor took a year and a half to make." Rick Carman, Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club says.

Spending months, even years, perfecting their costumes to look like they could walk right onto a Star Wars set.

"It's like reaching the end of a marathon it's an adrenaline rush," Carman says.

The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club has chapters all across the world.

But this member says there is one thing that ties them all together.

"It's the smiles on the kids faces when you walk around the corner at a birthday party, or at a hospital, they just light up and it just makes their whole day to see somebody walk off the Star Wars screen," Carman says.

Now, Bernice Josson says she isn't your typical Star Wars fan, but she isn't afraid to tackle a costume or two.

"Each time he comes to me it's a different challenge or a different outfit," Bernice Josson, Mandalorian Mercs volunteer says.

She says she doesn't dress up herself, but her son-in-law's love of Star Wars and her sewing skills have made it a match made in heaven.

"A lot of them are the guys and they don't know how to sew so they need a little motherly help," Josson says.

From start to finish every piece of armor is a labor of love.

And with every stitch she's making a difference.

"It's fun to see them when they go out and do something, or volunteer, you can say I did that [costume],"Josson says.

So they can gear up and get ready for their next mission.

"It's a sense of family, it really is. You can walk up to people from around the world and as soon as they see that you're wearing that T-visor on your helmet you're instant family," Carman says.

Showing the power of the force, through every saber, helmet, and suit of armor they wear.

The Mandalorian Mercs volunteer with charities like Make a Wish granting wishes and visiting kids in local children's hospitals.

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