Standing Rock Protestors Find New Resources After State Withdraws Support

Published 08/23 2016 04:04PM

Updated 08/23 2016 04:04PM

Protestors of the Dakota Access Pipeline are finding ways to sustain their effort after state officials pulled relief resources from their camp near Cannonball.
Ben Smith has the story.
For nearly a week.
Several state-owned trailors provided water, shelter, and a place to help those sick or hurt.
Monday morning, news came that these resources would soon be gone.
"It was shocking, it was shocking.  I didn't expect that,"
"It's a little different now because everything is going to be outdoors where we had the convenience of having everything indoors in case of the rain, weather wind.  Resources got taken away from us quick but we got them back," says Joenelle Leingang
As fast as they dissapeared, new support came in.
Standing Rock Paramedics erected a tent in which to treat people.
The tribes road department also pitched in, delivering a giant tank of water.
"They keep this full to fill our buffalo tanks with water.  We have two, three more possibly coming in from the Cheyenne River who had donated theirs so water supply is going to be back on track again," says Leingang
(Ben Smith, KX News) Not all state-resources have gone.  There is one ambulance that is still  here, to provide a backup for standing rock paramedics,
"They left the ambulance as an extra resource for us.  Because like I said, we still provide services to all the reservation so of course our number of ambulances is limited," says DeAnn Werre, Standing Rock Paramedic
She says it's not your typical day as a Standing Rock paramedic.
"We've been able to bring in extra staff to be able to provide services,"
"We've pulled together and got our resources togther and are able to provide the same services for people,"
It seems to be the theme of the effort, pulling together under one cause.
It's very overwhelminging, it's great, phone calls, where can I bring it to...
I just would like the public to see for themselves.  There is nothing negative going on here at all,
She says for now, this area near the Cannonball river has become a second home.

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