Spelling Can Be a Challenge, But Not For Everyone

Studying for the Spelling Bee

The state's top 25 spellers gathered to crown a champion today at the North Dakota State Spelling Bee.

Some some students they have some unique way to prepare.

"That's correct!" That's exactly what you want to hear at the state spelling bee. 

It takes time and effort to come out on top and for Sumaiyah Alyadumi, she brings in her sister to help spell out words. 

Sereena Alyadumi, is seven years old and is Sumaiyah's sister. She helps her learn the words, "She sits in one chair, I sit in one chair, I say a word, and sometimes I get confused when I say it, sometimes when I get confused on how to say it I get confused and have to show her the word."

They have a specific method when it comes time to study, and it seems to be working since this is her 3rd spelling bee.

"Whenever we study certain languages and origins for the words. We go over the entire list once then the words I get wrong, we underline or highlight them, then go over those last," says Sumaiyah. 

Spelling doesn't come easy. It isn't just Samaiyah's sister that help out, but also one of candidates moms. 

Melissa Sadowsky, one candidate's Mother, says "Whenever she comes home from school, I'll throw words out and when we walk out to check the cows, I'll think of words and have her spell, just kind of randomly whenever we're together, work on it."

Seth Belgarde, claims he is just a born natural, but he does study every night and has competed every year that he's been eligible.

Seth Belgarde from Belcourt says,"I don't really have one I'll just read it through a few times and I'll spell it out loud."

If the word is spelled incorrectly it is likely that the spellers will remember that word from here on out. 

The winner will move forward and go to Washington D.C. for the national spelling bee. 


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