Slide The City Makes a Big Splash

By Kaitlyn Wurnig |

Published 08/27 2016 05:35PM

Updated 08/27 2016 07:06PM

"You guys are crazy! That's what we call a wipe out!"

It's not your typical backyard slip and slide.

"You crash into people. You plow people over."

This right here,  is one thousand feet of fast-paced, slippery fun.

For the second year in a row, Slide the City has shut down the streets of Mandan.
The massive slip and slide stretches the length of more than three football fields, and takes hours to set up.

"This morning we showed up at 4 am. We started unloading everything from the semi trailers. The mats go down underneath everything first, followed by the slide that goes on top and then we have to hook up all the hoses and blowers to help keep everything in place," says Hunter Eckert, volunteer.

But once the hard work is done, people of all ages take part in the fun.

"You go so fast and sometimes there's bumps you go over and it makes you go faster," says Cassie Walker and Mykena Mueller.

Even those who watch from the sidelines get a good laugh.

"It's great. It's a lot of people. It's a nice day out and we are sitting in the shade watching everybody go down and walk back up and go down again," says Mike O'Keefe, Spectator.

And it doesn't matter if you are there to watch or play, massive slip and slides don't come to town everyday.

It takes volunteers till about midnight to completely tear down the slide. Some of them say they can barely keep their eyes open by the end of the day.

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