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Shocking sexual assault claims in Richland County

Shocking claims of widespread sexual assault on school grounds are being made in Richland County.

Investigators are looking into what's being called "harassment, bullying, and hazing." Some students say it's much worse than it appears - they say it's something called "the rape game."

 Richland County Sheriff's Office recently began an investigation into alleged bullying at Colfax Junior and Senior High. The investigation began after the school district looked into claims of harassment and hazing. District Superintendent Tim Godfrey would not elaborate on what sort of harassment took place, but said the investigation is now in the hands of the Sheriff's Office. Interviews are taking place.

One student, who did not want to be named, made some sickening claims. The student says several older students were taking part in a "rape game." Younger students were allegedly held down by several others, and lights were shut off in locker rooms. The student says they believe victims were then violated- and according to the student, "penetrated." The student believes the assaults involved up to a dozen students- all boys. When one students was asked about the incidents, he simply responded it's "dumb, and never should have happened."

We are being told this is not the first year the "Rape Game" has gone on in Richland County.
But according to one student, it has "become much worse this year."

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