Searson Talks About 3 Second Goal

By Jamie Council |

Published 09/26 2016 11:11PM

Updated 09/26 2016 11:11PM

What can you do in three seconds? I can say this sentence in three seconds, but what Megan Searson can do is much more impressive. The NCAA verified Searson's goal in a game on Sunday as a new all-division record for fastest goal. She couldn't believe it either.

(Megan Searson, U-Mary Soccer Player) "It felt like a bit of a dream. I turned around and all the girls came over and were jumping on me. Even the goal keeper. It was just like 'did that really go in?' And obviously it did."
(Jamie Council, KX Sports) Just three seconds from opening kick-off, Megan Searson blasted a 54 yard shot. With 33 MPH winds, what started off as a joke, turned into more than the coach could ask for.
(Megan Searson, U-Mary Soccer Player) "'Game plan for today is Megan's going to shoot from kick-off. She's going to score.' We were all laughing and joking. Whatever."
(Jamie Council, KX Sports) But her coach was serious. It took just three seconds to catch the attention of media across the nation, and oversees. Searson is from England, and some of her friends back home said they saw her on sports feeds in Europe.
(Megan Searson, U-Mary Soccer Player) "It's just a bit bizarre. It's just a goal and it helped the team win, which is the most important thing. Just the manner of the goal is funny really, how it happened and the way Sarah talked about it before the game. She's a bit of a psychic. I feel proud, but I probably won't do it again ever."

It would be impressive if she did. Broke the NCAA record and recorded a 2-0 win against Crookston. Doesn't get much better than that.

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