Road Rage Prevention Tips

If you are ever in a situation where an angry driver is making you feel unsafe, there are a few simple tips to avoid the problem. 

We  spoke to the Bismarck P-D about how to steer clear of an aggressive confrontation.

The Bismarck Police Department says the first step in avoiding confrontation is by simply being a courteous driver.

Sgt. Mark Buschena: "and that would include not cutting people off. If someone is trying to tailgate you just let them go by. Don't try to hold your own in a lane if somebody is obviously trying to change lanes, let them do that."

Never tailgate, the hostile behavior can lead to an accident, and you can be ticketed for following too closely.

Sgt. Mark Buschena: "It's just not worth getting in a fight over it."

If a situation escalates, Buschena says to stay in your car, keep your windows rolled up, drive away as soon as possible.

Sgt. Mark Buschena: "Some people may be drunk, high, may be at the end of their rope. They're just ready to snap and this is what puts them over the edge."

Don't get out of your car to talk to the other driver, and call 911. 

Buschena jokes to never be tempted to play "mad max" -- he says leave that to Mel Gibson. 

Buschena says if you feel threatened in a situation, write down the license plate number, make, model, and color and file a police report. 

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