Retirement Communities on the Rise

Applications Put on the Waitlist

As people age, their needs are likely to change.
And this includes retirement needs with retirement communities seeing rising numbers.

The population of North Dakota is growing and so is the age range, this comes with increased numbers in applications for retirement homes and nursing communities.

Tonie Lagodinski the Executive Director at Primrose says, "Absolutely, I would say theres's definitely and influx in inquiries and individuals, both looking for their family members."

There is a need for retirement communities. So they can live their own lifestyle.

Nadine Pribratski, from Touchmark says, "So people are telling us this is what they desire. That they desire a maintenance, care-free lifestyle in North Dakota."

Clara Braun lives at Touchmark and likes to stay active.
She moved into assisted living because of all the activities around the building and because her family liked the living conditions.

A resident at Touchmark, Clara Braun says, "When my husband died and my kids said I can not live on the farm anymore. So I decided I am going to go and live in these retirement homes and my girls thought i should rent or go buy a condo and I said no. I am going to go and end up in one of these places anyway might as well go right away."

Clara Braun still goes on a lot of adventures, she rode a camel in Israel just a few years ago.
She does all this as she is turning 90 years old. She is on her way to be a 5 year resident.

Braun adds, I'll be here until I die I'm sure... And I have family close by I have a daughter that lives 5 minutes away from here and another one is about 17 miles."

Others like it because it is just like home.

Clemens Fleck, a Primrose Resident says, "Enjoy it cause living here is like family. There's that many residents. It's good here. Well pleased. "  

To move in you don't have to be single, married couples.
At Primrose, the oldest Resident is 102 and she enjoys playing Bingo to stay social.

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