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Raising North Dakota: What to do in the summer

While summer may seem a ways away, many parents are already on the lookout for summer activities, childcare and other options for school-age children.

For this week's Raising North Dakota, we explore the options.

Daycares, summertime nannies and babysitters are always great options, and there are also a variety of affordable programs and activities available in many communities.

A great place to start is your local school district or library, as many have affordable, and oftentimes free summer programs.

Your area park district is another place to check out.

The Bismarck Parks and Rec has a multitude of programs available for all ages, from an hour a day, to all day programs such as Activity Centers, which is a great option for working parents.

"We have a variety of options for throughout park district for younger kids to provide an opportunity for parents to have kids in a safe environment. Activity Centers, multitude of elementary schools and kids get opportunity to hang out with kids their age, their peers play games outside and inside and do all those fun things in a group setting," says Kevin Klipfel of Bismarck Parks & Recreation. 

Klipfel says the Bismarck Park District also has a scholarship program in order to offset the cost and make recreational activities affordable.

Other options to consider are zoo camps, golf courses, local college or universities, area churches and summer camps such as YMCA. 

So take a look at what your community has to offer, pull out your calendar and start stacking a fun, active summer for your kids.

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