Pumpkin Carving Safety

Bismarck - It may be hard to believe, but pumpkin carving is the number one injury that sends people to the emergency room on Halloween.
That's according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.
Happening now...Emily Medalen is live to tell us how to carve pumpkins the safe way this year.

I spent the afternoon at Sanford Health to learn more about why it sends so many people to the ER.

As you can probably guess, the main issue is using sharp steak knives to cut your pumpkins while your hands are slippery.
I spoke with Dr. Kurt Icenogle - an orthopaedic hand surgeon at Sanford Health - and he gave me some tips on how to carve the right way.

-Be in a clean, well lit area with a towel nearby to dry/clean your hands.
-Do not consume alcohol while working with any type of carving tools.
-Do not use power tools. (drills, ect.)
-All carving should be done by adult, kids can paint or decorate with stickers.
-Buy a pumpkin carving kit instead of chefs knives.

"If you do cut yourself while carving a pumpkin, and you have numbness, bleeding that you can't stop after putting pressure for 15 minutes, or inability to move your finger, it's very important that you seek medical attention," said  Dr. Kurt Icenogle, Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon at Sanford Health.

He said many of these bad cuts from knives lead to surgery if they injure a nerve or cut a tendon- so it's important to follow this.

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