Police Warn About Grandparents Scam

Bismarck Police wants to warn the public about phone scammers targeting grandparents. 

An elderly Bismarck couple were the recent targets for these phone scams. On June 14th, they received a call from someone claiming to be their grandson. He stated he was arrested in Jamestown on drug charges and needed $4,000 in bail money in the form of Best Buy gift cards. Over the next few days, the couple received 2 more calls from the same number asking for more money in gift cards and a check. All of the requests were fulfilled. It wasn’t until their daughter spoke to them on the 16th when they realized it was a scam. The Bismarck couple is out a total of $14,000.

Sergeant Mark Buschena says they do not accept gift cards of any kind as bond payment, and if anyone gets a call similar to that one, to first contact family members and the claimed jurisdiction for confirmation of the story.




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