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Bismarck - It's Furry Friday, and today, we're talking about keeping your animals healthy and clean.

But... not in the most traditional way.

Happening now...Emily Medalen is live to tell us about one pet groomer who brings her business to you.

Good morning Tim and Amber, that's right - "Pet Agree" has 8 wheels and one groomer, who told me why

she thinks mobile grooming makes for a special day for both the pet, and its owner.
Here's the story.

"It's a one on one environment which is awesome," said Jacque Opp, Owner/Groomer, Pet Agree.

One groomer, and one pet at a time.
That's how Jacque Opp, owner of "Pet Agree" mobile grooming, likes to work.

"That's the way to go! That is for the pet. It's working for the pet," said Opp.

And, according to her, for you as well.

"It takes a fraction of the time, so you're not looking at a couple of hours wait time for a phone call," said Opp.

Opp goes from home to home each day to tend to animals in the area.
This is Raven, one of her regulars.

She says making her rounds with the pets does more than just stop shedding - she can identify skin tags, ticks, or health problems, too.

"Having a regular repeat groomer, you can identify those issues before you would even notice it yourself," said Opp.
According to her, eliminating a car ride for them, as well as contact with other pets they don't know, makes grooming enjoyable for the animal.

The process of clipping, combing, and fluffing in her small trailer may be a messy one, but Opp says she wouldn't have it any other way.

"Seeing an animal go from playing in the dirt and mud, with a muddy coat, to white and pristine and fluffy, and not be stressed out about it... that keeps me going," said Opp.

Jacque will groom all cats and dogs besides giant breeds because she works alone
Tim, Amber, I know we all have cats, and I think this seems like a great idea because my cat definitely does not enjoy car rides.

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