Pence says Heitkamp could prove pivotal in Tax Reform

Vice President Mike Pence says a North Dakotan could prove pivotal in the future of the tax reform plan the administration is pushing.

Just before leaving the base, Mr. Pence gave a one-on-one interview to Jim Olson, and talked about the importance of Democrat Heidi Heitkamp in the outcome of the tax debate. Pence says President Trump is serious about reaching out to Democrats in an effort to win wider support for the tax plan.

Vice President Mike Pence, "I know the last time President Trump was here in North Dakota, he had Senator Heitkamp with him as well and we really belive that, as this tax cut plan comes out next week, as people see a lower tax rate, simpler tax code, lower taxes on businesses, doing away with death taxes, that we hope and trust that we're going to have the opportunity to earn bipartisan support and bring real tax relief to the people of North Dakota."

Pence visited Minot Air Force Base yesterday to get a briefing from commanders on the readiness of their airmen.

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