Parks and Rec Still Open

10/23/17 - With 80 degree days at the end of last week, it hasn't felt like a typical North Dakota fall...
The community has continued to enjoy some fun in the sun-
And even as it cools down, the outside activity may not slow down.
Emily Medalen explains.

"We had a really good summer with some good weather," said Kevin Klipfel, Facilities Director.
Summer may be gone, but the outdoor activities in the community have hardly faltered.

Emily Medalen spoke with Kevin Klipfel, facilities director for parks and recreation.

"Weather dictates a lot of things we do, you know, our outdoor activities. We've got our skating rinks going, and our sledding hill, we try to keep our trails open, as many as we can, throughout the winter depending on the snowload," said Kevin Klipfel, Facilities Director.

"Have you still been noticing a lot of action since it's been so nice out?"

"Oh absolutely," said Kevin Klipfel, Facilities Director.

It may not feel too chilly yet, but staff at parks & recreation are still prepping for the first snow.

"Our operations staff has been blowing irrigation off because we don't want to get caught when the weather does change, but we have tennis and pickle ball still open, the golf course is open til the end of the month..." said Kevin Klipfel, Facilities Director.

Other areas are still open as well, like parks and tennis courts-
Along with some new additions.

"Now, we have the expansion going down at Wachter, arenas being added to the Schaumberg ice arena, which will now be called capital ice complex," said Kevin Klipfel, Facilities Director.
He says with this, along with 62 parks, 50 playgrounds, and 75 miles of trails - there's no shortage of outdoorsy opportunities.

"We're all looking forward to a great fall," said Kevin Klipfel, Facilities Director.

Bismarck Parks & Recreation is also hosting a Halloween party at the World War memorial building October 27th, that's open to the public.

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