Olympic Gold Medalist Trains Dakota Star Gymnasts for a Day

Bismarck - A group of local gymnasts got their very own gold medal moment.

The next generation of gymnasts got the chance to be trained by a coach who knows what being the best really means.

In their new gym, Dakota Star gymnasts spent the day training with an Olympic gold medalist.

There were plenty of tricks, flips, and a few falls.

But for these gymnasts, it was their time to shine.

"As a kid,I would watch her in the Olympics and she was one of my idols," Carissa Albert,16-year-old gymnast says.

An idol that took center stage at the 2008 Beijing Olympics winning an all around gold medal.

Now,  she's giving back and helping up-and-coming athletes.

"Ever since I finished competing my whole mission and goal has been to inspire the next generation of young athletes across the world," Nastia Liukin, 2008 Olympic gold medalist says. 

And whether they were working on hand stands, or flying through the air, Liukin wasn't far away.

"She was a gymast for the Olympics [so it] makes me believe that I can be a good gymnast too," Cailey Albert, 14-year-old gymnast says.

Though they may want to show off their best skills, Liukin says, learning is all about getting back to basics.

"[It's] not necessarily doing those difficult skills but working a little bit back on the technique and the form and really emphasizing that," Liukin says.

And putting in the hours to succeed.

"Especially on those hard days where you don't feel like coming to the gym, or don't feel like doing conditioning, those are the days you're actually getting stronger as opposed to when things are going great," Liukin says.

They're putting in the time from the youngest athlete, to the seasoned veterans.

"One of the biggest things [she taught us is to] never give up and if you're going to [keep going] you can't give up on your worst day," Carissa Albert says.

In order to keep training and always shoot for gold.

Each gymnast at today's Gymnastics Funtastic with Nastia Liukin raised $125 or more and all proceeds from the event will go to the Bismarck Cancer Center.

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