North Dakota Voter Says She's Still Waiting on Medical Marijuana Bill

Bismarck - This November, voters made medical marijuana legal. 

However, according to legislators and the state health department, what the voters passed did not mesh with current state law, forcing lawmakers to introduce SB 2344. 

A bill not everyone is happy about.

Connie Falkenstein, a supporter of  the Compassionate Caring Act, is one North Dakota resident who says she doesn't want to wait any longer.

"I want an option I want my life back. I'm tired of it [being taken away from me. I'm tired of my son's life being taken away.  People need an option," Falkenstein  says.

Falkenstein suffers from anxiety and depression, as well as crippling fibromyalgia . She says the pain can be so bad, she can't climb the flight of stairs that it takes to get to her apartment.

She says she's seen what cannabis can do for her son, and she wants the opportunity to see results for herself.

"Should we be made to suffer because they weren't prepared? They've had how long to get prepared they knew this was going to happen let's get on the ball," Falkenstein says.

People like Connie thought once the initiated measure passed by a vote of the people that was it, the bill would become law. 

They didn't see the need for legislators to get involved and make changes like setting the fee for medical ID cards at 300 dollars, limiting growing of plants only to certified growers, and changing the start date.

"We were told the way we had  written it with Erica Olsen that it was fine. We were told it would pass, which it did by a landslide. Only for the legislation to go in and rip it totally apart because they aren't prepared. They weren't prepared, that's what it comes down to, they were not prepared for this to pass," Falkenstein says.

And Falkenstein says, passing the bill can't come soon enough.

"Let's get it done, let's get it approved, and let's get it going. We should not have to wait for our medical," Falkenstein says.

Testimony from across the state will be heard tomorrow at the House Human Services Committee.


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