North Dakota is Influencing the NASA Program

Bismarck - The Mission to Mars is making progress and believe it or not, North Dakota is a big inspiration towards the project. 

Mars...a place in space where humans hope to land one day... and maybe live.

Jon Rask, NASA Research Scientist, says, "North Dakotans in general are really good to consider being involved in the actual exploration itself."

With all of the work Jon Rask has done, a lot of it has to do with his experiences here in North Dakota.

It is cold, flat, the ground freezes here.

And North Dakotans are comfortable living in small towns... something that could be likely on Mars.
Exploring those features that are here in North Dakota, we are learning what it takes to explore.

Rask says, "East North Dakota is very rich in glacial geology. Terrains that were carved and formed by glaciers are also seen on Mars."

North Dakota is a big part in space exploration as UND is creating a space habitat and a spacesuit. But the state's involvement in space exploration doesn't stop there. 

Kathy Fallgatter, Steele Resident, says, "Tractors made in Fargo and that's what they're using for research in Antarctica."

It's going to take a while.

"The likelyhood of humans on mars is not for many decades," adds Rask.

By researching what North Dakota has undernearth and above the surface, we are learning how the processes can unfold on Mars.

Jon Rask also pointed to the Bakken as another reason North Dakotans would do well in a new environment. 

He says it shows we know how to survive using our natural resources. 

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