North Dakota Family Shares Special Bond with Vikings

Bismarck - Many people cheer on their favorite team, donning their favorite jersey, but not many win the heart and a permanent place on a football player's arm. 

But Emma did, and now we're all learning just what it means to be Emma strong.

It all began with a girl, her team, and one remarkable story.

"It brings a smile to our face, it warms our heart, it connects a lot of people to Emma, to us and it's amazing," Becki Wheeler, Emma's mom says.

Amid a sea of purple and gold  Emma Wheeler's parents stick out.

They wear bracelets for their girl but they're not the only ones.

"Kyle and Jordan had an opportunity to spend some time with Emmy in her room, Kyle received one of Emma's bands as a way of support and awareness, he's never taken it off," Becki Wheeler says.

Vikings player Kyle Rudolph that is.

He met Emma at the end of her battle with HLH, a rare immune disease you've probably never heard of.

One Emma battled for 55 days from diagnosis to the day she passed away.

"She gained her heaven wings and is no longer with us, and flew home, and that's now where her legacy begins,"  Becki Wheeler says.

A legacy intertwined with the team she loved, and every time they take the field, she's there.

"Emma will be there, one more NFL football game that a 14-year-old gets to play in as she sits on Kyle's wrist,"  Becki Wheeler says.

But that isn't where the Vikings and the Wheelers end. 

After her passing, Emma still had one wish yet to be fulfilled, and Emma's team is making it happen.

"Kyle said I'm a man of fulfilling my promises, and so, here are two tickets to the Super Bowl,"  Becki Wheeler says.

Giving Emma and her message a place on football's biggest stage.

"The void of Emma being gone will never go away but it brings a smile to our faces,"  Becki Wheeler says.

"She's always going to be in our hearts, she's always going to be in our minds, and she's always going to make us happy," Rex Wheeler, Emma's dad says.

A family of purple and gold, who now wear another color to keep going  #EMMASTRONG.

"We're going to be there on game day, and we will just know that we are there because of her and there are people that will be watching because of her,"  Becki Wheeler says.

A girl with big dreams, big blue eyes, whose life has left an even bigger impact.

Emma's family says they hope Emma's legacy will remind people to have one more test done and hope to raise awareness for HLH.

If you would like to learn more about HLH or support #EmmaStrong you can visit Emma's You Caring page here.

Or visit to learn more about HLH.

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