North Dakota Coalition for Homeless People Cuts Bismarck Staff

Bismarck - The North Dakota Coalition for Homeless People in Bismarck will close due to cuts.

The coalition will lose two full time staff members.

The board director says the reason for the cuts is there's simply not enough money to go around.

The North Dakota Coalition's job is to help find funding for local homeless organizations.

The coalition says it has gone through cuts at both the state and federal level which means more work for a smaller administrative staff.

"The board of directors with the coalition is taking on most of the tasks of the former executive director and we are hiring a part time consultant to ensure our funding streams remain uninterrupted," Diana Hall, board chair, North Dakota Coalition for Homeless People says.

The North Dakota Coalition emphasizes this is not just a Bismarck cut but will impact funding for homeless services and support all across North Dakota communities.

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