New Jail Site Hit Hard by Copper Thieves

Published 08/25 2016 01:29PM

Updated 08/25 2016 01:29PM

 A major target for copper theft has been the new jail site in Bismarck.
  It's been hit three times this summer.
  In all, 30 thousand dollars worth of copper has been stolen.
  Authorities aren't sure how the thieves got into the area. 
  But measures have been taken so it doesn't happen again. 
"Anybody caught in here during that time will be prosecuted.  We installed some more surveillance cameras inside.  And just kind of keeping a tighter grip on locking the building up," says Travis Owens, Construction Superintendent.
  An on site electrician says 30-thousand dollars was just the value of the copper that was stolen.
  He says when you factor in cost of shipping and unloading -- it's was closer to a 70-thousand dollar loss.

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