New Immunization Laws for Schools and Child Care

Bismarck - Your children in grade school may need additional vaccines for the upcoming school year.
Heidi Werosta explains changes to the immunization requirements.

The North Dakota Department of Health came up with a whole new set of guidelines and regulations that all students have to abide by for the upcoming school year.

Dr. Noe Mateo, Infectious Disease Consultant at Sanford, says,"Hepatitis B vaccination for younger kids, meningococcal vaccination for older kids." 

Kate Gartner, School Nurse Coordinator says, "Making sure that the 7th graders that require Tdap have already gotten it with. So we have to just check that 8th and 9th graders got it as 7th graders or if they haven't, that they've been caught up."

Morgan Sayler is a mother of a two year old and has one on the way.
She says when new requirements come around, it is for the better.

Morgan Sayler, mother, says, "I will give my kids whatever shots they need so they can stay healthy."

In this case, it isn't a new vaccine, but making sure everyone gets what is required. 

Mateo says, "The effort is to try and capture as many children as possible."
Kate Gartner says anyone entering 11th grade now has to get a second dose of the meningococcal conjugate vaccine.

Gartner says, "You have to be 16 years old to get the second dose....If you're following your regular guidelines that you're pediatrician is recommending you're already covered."

But not all students are. 
Sayler says she knows one mom who doesn't like to give her kids shots, but she doesn't think that way.

"It's a new technology everyday so whatever comes out the better," says Sayler.

Mateo adds, "And you avoid things like getting sick, missing school, missing work."

You need to be updated on your immunizations by October 1st, otherwise, you might not be allowed to go to school.

Gartner says, "If there's a reason why you're not getting it, either a moral, philosophical, a religious reason, or a medical exemption then we just need proof of that."

Notices will start going out to families later this school year, that way families have time to plan ahead and get the extra doses 

Vaccinations are not done in the schools, but you can go to Bismarck/Burleigh County Public Health or your local family doctor. 

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