Neighbors Turn House Lights Red for Jaide Tosseth

Published 10/20 2016 11:12PM

Updated 10/20 2016 11:12PM

When you don't have the words to say to comfort a friend you can do it with a nice gesture.  After a tragic accident Sunday - neighbors are showing support to the family in a unique way. 
White lights along this quiet street are turning red - in honor of a life gone too soon.
"Somebody had mentioned it I think a few nights ago,"  says Tammie Sauer from Bismarck. 
While the family of 14-year old Jaide Tosseth are still grieving - a neighborhood watch group thought of ways to show their support. Days later, dozens of neighbors have joined in to turn their porch lights red for Jaide.
"There are people that care whether they can voice it or not," says Sauer, a member of the watch group that started it all.  
Hannah lives right next door to Tammie and has known Jaide since kindergarten.
"She was really loving and caring person. She cared about everyone even though she might not have knew you," says Hannah, a long-time friend of Jaida's and a Legacy High School student. 
Jaide Tosseth's life was taken in a tragic gun range shooting Sunday. Police still trying to figure out what happened. Hanna says a remembrance like this would have been great for her friend to see.   
"She was the kind of the person that didn't like to be like out there but I think she would feel loved and supported," says Hannah.
The watch group is now asking others to show support the same way. Tammie says now's the time to send the voice of love to the family through a light of hope. 
"It's just a silent communication of support for the family for the friends for the whole community," says Tammie.  
The memorial service for Jaide is tomorrow at 2 p.m. at the Trinity Lutheran Church Bismarck. 

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