NDDOT launches pilot program for renewing tags at a self-serve kiosk

You can now renew car registration on your own time

Take a number and have a seat -- you could be there awhile. That's the typical DMV experience. North Dakota transportation officials have found a way beat the lines, best part, you can do it while your shopping.

"It allows for individuals to renew there registration those that want to come in and basically not have that interaction," says Russ Buchhols, IT Director at NDDOT.

There are three locations drivers can find the MV express machines in Bismarck. Shania's a student at NDSU using the kiosk for the first time at the Kirkwood Mall just after 6 p.m. an hour after the DMV closed..

"From past experiences renewing it or doing anything with drivers license I know it takes a while so I just figure this would be quicker," says an NDSU student who used it for the first time Friday at Bismarck's Kirkwood Mall.

She was right. scan, swipe and print and she's got her stickers..

"A lot faster than going to the DMV.. It was like 5 minutes and your done," she says.

For now, it's a pilot program.The other two locations are right in the transportation center and at a truck stop in the Capital city..

"They can come in on a Saturday or a Sunday and Oasis truck stop is a good example they can come in 24/7," says Buchhols.

He says more than 5-hundred have already used the service instead of braving the lines. The test period goes to the end of September and then they'll decide if it's good enough for the rest of us.

"Pay by credit card, prints it out and your golden."

The plan is to expand to other major cities in North Dakota including Fargo, Williston and Minot to name a few.

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