Multicultural Festival Celebrates Diversity

Bismarck - It didn't take long for a group of North Dakotans to take a trip around the globe.

People from more than eight countries came together to share a taste of their culture with their  community.

It started with a beat and inspired some to dance.

"It's just really really fun and I love it," Kathleen Campbell, traditional Filipino dancer says.

To teach those willing to listen about something close to their heart.

"To express my African culture and actually share that with people," Charles Bashale, drummer from the Congo says.

"People were able to take a trip around the world without even leaving home through Bismarck's 3rd Annual Multicultural Festival.

The community could try on jewelry from Native American craftsmen from the MHA Nation, listen to drumming from the Congo, and get swept away with a traditional dance from the Philippines.

"I'm going to do the Bakya dance. it's a Filipino folk dance," Faith Vetter, traditional Filipino dancer says.

While decked in traditional dresses to represent the flag of the Philippines.

"We're dancing for the fathers and we're also dancing for all the people around the county," Jackie Vetter, traditional Filipino dancer says.

And having some fun sharing their culture with their community in the hopes of growing knowledge of different people and places.

"We represent so many cultures and the more you know about your culture and share, it's just fun and it brings us together," Rissa William, Multicultural Festival 2017 says.

People from different backgrounds and traditions shared something of themselves in order to connect with others.

"It's helpful for people in Bismarck to learn something from a different culture," Bashale says.

And to learn about all the places people are from who now call North Dakota home.

The Multicultural Festival was founded to celebrate North Dakota's diverse community.

Organizers say the festival keeps growing every year and they hope to add even more countries to their list next year.

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