Morton County landowners have case against Dakota Access dismissed

More than 20 property owners in Morton County who sued Dakota Access have had their case dismissed.

Twenty one individuals and a general partnership sued Dakota Access and Contract Land Staff early this year for $4 M.

The group claimed CLS used unfair tactics,fraud and civil conspiracy to obtain land easements for the Dakota Access Pipeline in August of 2014.

The landowners claim they were pushed into into accepting compensation that was far lower than what other landowners received.
The landowners said they were told they'd lose money or get nothing if they didn't sign.

Federal Judge Daniel Hovland says the landowners failed to specifally allege who made the fraudulent statments, when they were made, and other specifics that would have proved their case.

Court documents read: "The plaintiffs are upset their neighbors got a better price when the agent predicted prices would never be better. However, the court finds that opinions and predictions as to what future prices will be are simply not actionable as fraud."

The case in North Dakota has been dismissed.

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