Mall Flood Hasn't Dampened Store Manager's Spirits

The Kirkwood Mall in Bismarck flooded a week and a half ago. Since then, stores have been working hard to get back up and running. The Kirkwood Mall walkways were inches deep in water on February 8th. The mall remained shut for four days after a water pipe leak.

Joe Duperre; Kirkwood Mall General Manager: "Well if you look behind me, I think you can see the mall is open for business, and it's been very active over the last couple of day."

One by one, the stores that were worse for the wear reopened. Christopher & Banks just opened Sunday.

MJ; Christopher & Banks Store Manager: "I'm mean you're talking the flooring had to be completely done. The tile in the back room had to be completely gutted. I mean it was a total gut store, so it's basically still half gutted."

Fortunately, hardly any merchandise was damaged.

MJ: "Very minimal damage and it was really quick and easy actually flow to get it out of the store."

Since the flooding a week and a half ago many stores worked to open their doors as soon as possible. Others took the opportunity to remodel. GNC had a remodel scheduled for later in the year. They moved it up in light of the flood.

Samantha Allen, GNC Store Manager: "But what we did, since this opportunity came up, instead of it being negative for us, it turned into a positive and we got to remodel the whole entire store. We could actually remodel through a crisis basically. And we came out to do better than we did before."

Joe Duperre: "We're on the downside of the slope. Obviously the flood was very intense, but if you look behind me as well, we got temporary carpet has been laid down, all the entry points are good to go."

The mall expects to be completely done with damage repairs in a few weeks.


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