Local Rancher Receives Outpouring of Support After A Tragic Accident

Bismarck - As one of eight kids, Doug Bichler is used to being the one to pitch in and help.

But when he needed it himself, he couldn't have guessed just how many people would show up.

"There are no words to describe everyone's generosity," Doug Bichler, North Dakota rancher says.
Bichler is a third generation farmer and rancher outside of Linton, North Dakota.
Bichler was involved in a farming accident in June that resulted in his arm being amputated.
After the accident, friends and family quickly got together and rallied behind him.

"For people to be here to help us for two whole days has been awesome," Maria Bichler, Doug's wife says.

"All these guys here have their own stuff going on and the fact that they would take time out of their own days to come help Doug and just help us get stuff done makes us very grateful," Patrick Schumacher, Doug's nephew says.

More than 50 friends, neighbors, and fellow farmers and ranchers came to work on the Bichler ranch over the weekend.
They brought tools and skills to fix fences, build a chicken coop, and lend some muscle wherever needed.
"I think it's just what agriculture's all about friends helping friends and sticking together through the thick and thin," Jeff Schafer, a family friend says.

Friends and family say Doug has always been the first to offer help to anyone who needs it.
And it was his turn to get something back.

"You get [things] done with friends and family," Michael Bichler, Doug's brother says.

Because every wall built and every fence mended is all in service to their friend.

"We want to say a very heartfelt thank you to everyone," Bichler says

If you would like to give to the Bichler family you can donate here.

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