Local Butcher Shop Grinds Into Gear this Deer Season

Bismarck - North Dakota Game and Fish issued more than 54,000 deer tags this season.

But once the hunt is over, what's left is a lot of meat.

It all starts with a semi full of deer.

The mounds of boxes are just the beginning.

Hundreds of hours, and hundreds of pounds of meat, will go through 3Be Meat's doors by the end of the year.

"It's been our first year, so we've been super busy, [we] probably have about 225 to 250 deer in here," Mack Ternes, co-owner 3Be Meats says.

So many, he says he stopped counting.

"We've been doing first come first serve, so once we get a batch done,we'll go out to the freezer and grab the next 20 or so orders," Ternes says.

Once they pull the meat, they start thawing, and then the more than 5 hour process begins.

"You're not making 100 pounds at time. A lot of people are bringing in 15 to 20 pounds at a time, so it just takes a little bit longer to do a smaller batch," Tony Anderson, co-owner 3Be Meats says.

"Put them in the grinder, get them seasoned up,  and then just [make] whatever they want," Ternes says.

Making sausage, sticks, summer sausage, and turning the hunt into dinner for the hungry.

"We make sure everyone gets their own deer back that they bring in. You get what you bring in, you get back," Ternes says.

So if you get the taste for deer this season, there's something you can do.

"[We] bring the processing in your own garage feeling into our business. We treat it like it's our own," Ternes says.

And reap the rewards of this season's hunt.

3Be Meats says because it's been so busy it can take up to three months to get your deer back after it's been processed.

But they hope to finish up by the end of January.

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