KX News Launches New Studio

Bismarck, ND - As you've noticed on our evening news, we've had a bit of an upgrade in our studio.

It's been months of hard work for our friends and co-workers behind the scenes so we wanted to walk you through all the changes.

It is a lot more work than what you notice at home.

"I've been here 36 years," Chief Engineer Rocky Hefty said.

This is the most involved project our chief engineer has been involved in.

"You can ask my wife. She's basically been a widow the last number of months," he joked.

Hard work that has paid off.

"Demolition of the old set in mid october," Hefty explained. Construction on the new set began beginning of November.

He says the weather center was the hardest part.

"We have 60 amps of current available in the weather center alone...You have electrical, the wiring to deal with, the cooling of the computers, where do you mount them, how do you put them all together...on and on and on," Hefty said.

"Not only did we get a new studio. We got a new control room which gave us access to some new tools," Director Andrew Verry said.

Our production staff has been training every day.

"We've set milestones over the last few months to get from point to point to point...It's been a lot of planning," Verry said.

It has been a lot of planning and practicing, all for a common goal.

"It gave us the ability to help reporters tell the story and help put the information out there," Verry said.

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