Kids Make Youth Triathlon a Tradition

Bismarck - A big triathlon is making it's way to town this weekend, but some pretty small people are the ones taking on the feat...

Hundreds of kids will be racing on the streets Saturday with one goal in mind - to simply finish.

I spoke with some young participants who are turning the triathlon into tradition.

"On race day, you see 100 kids just running around, their parents are there, there's a lot of excitement," said Arnie Streeb, Race Director.

For many, competing in a triathlon takes a whole lot of guts.

These 2 are going on 3 years in a row, and make it look like a breeze.

"I'm excited to kind of... see if I can go faster than I did last year," said Bennett Graff, Age 10.

Their dad, Rob, has competed in several triathlons in the past, and it's clear that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

"They do some exercising and practice on the course beforehand," said Rob Graff, their father. 

"We get to jump in the pool and go swimming," said Julia Graff, Age 8.

"We swim here, and we run, and bike," added Bennett.

Of course, the youth triathlon isn't a full length race.

Bennet, Julia, and over 100 other young athletes will be swimming 50 yards, biking 2 miles, and running a half mile.

Arnie Streeb brought the event to town 3 years ago - and is excited that it's getting kids, like these 2, excited about fitness.

"It gives them an alternative way to work out and do things that are healthy," said Streeb.

"They're not racing each other so much as they're just, getting out there and having the determination to finish the whole race," said Rob Graff.

As someone who has competed in triathlons himself, Graff says he can't wait to watch his kids again this year.

"They look forward to having that goal that they set for doing some type of activity, and then they do it, and then they already start looking forward to next year.

(Medalen) "Do you think you're going to keep on doing this when you get older?"

(Bennett Graff, Age 10) "Yeah!"

It looks like these two are on a speedy pace for a future just like their dad.

The youth triathlon takes place starting here, at the YMCA in Bismarck, this coming Saturday.


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