Karmin's Cooking Class for Kids

Bismarck - If you're wondering what's for dinner tonight, just ask the kids who tied up their aprons and got cooking this afternoon.

Emily Medalen takes us to Karmin's Kitchen Table, where it had its first ever cooking class for kids.

 "We're finding more and more kids are wanting to get into the kitchen. They're really loving the idea of helping mom and dad out," said Karmin Billadeau, Owner of Karmin's Kitchen Table.

All hands were on deck today for some kids who wanted a little more independence in the kitchen.

"I really love cooking and baking," said Madison Weber, of Bismarck.

Karmin Billadeau wanted to put on a cooking class for younger kids to get them started on baking basics.
She says her goal is simple - to bring back one of her favorite traditions.

"Just getting people around the kitchen table. Bringing those conversations back into the kitchen. It's where all of our great memories have happened, so I'm just excited to see kids excited to be in the kitchen also," said Billadeau.

Most of the kids in the class behind me said they usually help their parents cook at home, but after today, they're sure they can make an entire meal all by themselves.
For one girl, the class was a step toward following her dreams.

 "When I get older I kind of want to be a baker. So now, when I'm here, I can learn about how I can bake and use the proper tools," said Lauryn Caster of Bismarck.

Some others wanted kitchen skills for different reasons.

"I don't want to end up like some of those people on worst cooks in America!" said Riley Frohlich of Bismarck.

Either way, all of these kids were ready to go home tonight say "bon appetit" to their families.

If you want to get your kids involved in upcoming cooking classes at Karmin's Kitchen Table, visit facebook.com/kktable .

Classes are offered for adults as well.

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