I-94 construction is underway

This stretch of I-94 from Exit 161 to Grant Marsh bridge will be under construction until the end of fall weather permitting.  That means drivers in the Bismarck area are in for some 5 to 20 minutes back ups for their daily commutes.

This year, about 200 projects are in the works with nearly half-a-million dollars invested by the state in all.
11 million of that goes toward construction on I-94.

"It'll be concrete repair work over the entire structure of the project as well as asphalt overlay and then there will be bridge work done to the Grant Marsh bridge the Washington Bridge and the 4th Street Bridge," said Amanda Godfread, North Dakota Department of Transportation.

In a press conference Wednesday morning officials as traffic backs up, motorists should obey reduced speed limits and exercise caution when driving. They are also asking drivers to refrain from cell phone use or even changing the radio station.

"We want you all to enjoy all that our state has to offer, but also make sure that your patience is required when you do travel during the construction season and please account for the additional time needed to get through those work zones," said Wade Swenson, Operations Director, NDDOT.

The state transportation department says there is a right way to merge. They say drivers should remain in two lanes as long as possible, then take turns merging into one. This results in less congestion and fewer crashes during the season.

"People have places to go and things to do and so y being aware in advance by leaving 15 minutes earlier or later than they normally would we can kind of stretch out or ease the main traffic through the corridor especially at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m," said Godfread.

Motorists can take different routes and there are some restrictions.. 12-foot-wide vehicles are not allowed travel through the I-94 Bismarck project.

Other projects across the region include Highway 20 in Devils Lake, Highway 83 bridge over the Mouse River in Minot and Highway 1804 from Williston to Epping.

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