How to Find Your Perfect Christmas Tree

Bismarck - Like many of us, you might be on the market for a real Christmas tree this holiday season.

And whether you go for a  classic Fraser Fir or a White Pine  there are some things to consider when picking one out.

Size does matter when it come to your Christmas tree.
Experts say it's important to make sure you have the room to accommodate the tree you choose.

Check out the trunk to ensure it fits your tree stand and no matter what tree you choose, remember to get it into water as soon as it's cut.

But this Christmas tree expert says the perfect tree is different for everyone.

"The perfect Christmas tree is something that people are going to have in their minds and sometimes families will spend a significant amount of time out here really evaluating the shape," Shawn Wallace, Plant Perfect says.

Plant Perfect recommends when you do find your perfect tree to always give it plenty of water to keep it looking its best through the holiday season.

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