How to Eat Healthy over the Holiday

Bismarck - On Thanksgiving, the average American man will consume double their normal calorie intake, and the women - triple.
That's according to the calorie control council.

Emily Medalen tells us how to maintain some balance over the holidays.

Over the next few days, we'll be surrounded by friends, family, and of course... food.

I spoke to a dietitian and fitness enthusiast in our community to find out the best way to enjoy ourselves without going overboard.
The average American will consume 4,500 calories over Thanksgiving.
That's only the beginning of a holiday season filled with more food than we're used to.

"If you're not exercising or getting any movement, that's a lot of extra calories," says Vanessa Lennick, Registered Dietitian, Proximal 50.
"I'm going to get my work out in thanksgiving morning - it just makes me feel better," says Wendy Schmidt, Solidcore Studio Manager.

Lennick and Schmidt both say that balance is key over the holidays.

"Have half your plate vegetables, and the rest all the other good stuff. Eat the vegetables first. That'll make you feel fuller," says Lennick.

She says it's not only what we eat, but how fast we eat it that makes a difference on calorie intake.

"You would be surprised at how much less you eat when you actually slow down and enjoy your food."

You may think if you skip your first couple meals of the day, you can enjoy a big dinner guilt free.
Lennick says it's quite the opposite. "A lot of people go into the holidays thinking that they need to restrict. And what that tends to do is send us into a restict and binge cycle."

She says in the long run, this is much harder on your digestive system.

"If you eat breakfast and have a good lunch, you're not going to overindulge. You might a little bit, but not to the point where you're going to have those regrets," says Lennick.

Another way to avoid regret is to get moving again the next day - even if it's just for 10 minutes.

"I might not do as great, because I kind of indulged the day before, but that's okay! In reality, we all indulge. We all go over the top. And that's okay. It's fine to do that once in a while. But just know, 'Okay, I'm going to get back on track the next day," says Schmidt.

According to Lennick, stressing over what you eat slows down your metabolism.
So, once in a while, it's okay to relax and enjoy a hearty meal.

"That's what makes it so special. So why change those things? Allow yourself to have them and enjoy them this one time of the year," said Lennick.

That workout that we were watching was Solidcore - and there's one in both Bismarck and Mandan. 
Both are offering several classes today and tomorrow to help you get a good work out before the holiday break.
Click below for more information.

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