Highway Patrol unveils new vehicle color

Bismarck, N.D. - Highway Patrol is rolling out a new look. 

Making the change from their traditional white dodge charger to black. 

The reason for new color is pretty simple. 

H-P says it's much easier to see a black vehicle in a blizzard than a white one. 

And black cars bring a higher return on resale at auctions, which ultimately saves taxpayers money. 

“Black vehicles will enhance the safety of the motoring public as well our officers, because they are easier to see during white-out conditions,” said NDHP Colonel Mike Gerhart.

Right now, there is only one new black highway patrol vehicle operating in Jamestown. It's a white Dodge charger wrapped in black with reflective NDHP decals and lettering. 

Forty new black vehicles are on order and will be integrated into the fleet beginning January, 2018. 

It could take a little bit to see all black on the roads --- Highway Patrol is hoping to phase out the white vehicles over the course of the next four to five years.





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