Highway 1806 May Be Open Soon

A portion of Highway 1806 has been closed since October, but it may not stay that way for much longer. According to Lt. Tom Iverson, the protest camp clean ups are close to being done. They've put off opening the road because there are heavy equipment vehicles still working in the area that could be a safety threat.

"There's also a lot of demobilization that will need to be done on law enforcement's end especially in the fort rice area with the campground there where a lot of structures have been set up," said Iverson.

However 1806 isn't only accessible to law enforcement and clean up crews.

Iverson added, "Now as of right now, the roadway is currently open to emergency vehicles. So, they are allowed to go through. So if there's an ambulance that needs to go through, emergency vehicles are allowed through."

Another factor that goes into when 1806 will be clear depends on protest activity.

"There must be no identifiable threat from the protesters to block to highway or hamper any of the traffic that's going up and down the road that have been done in the past. Now, as we move forward, we would encourage those to not engage in any of those behaviors as that would do nothing but even stall the process even longer," said Iverson.

It will be decided on Monday to start with a phased opening. Meaning there still may be some temporary restrictions like a reduced speed limit on the road. 

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