Highway 1806 Indefinitely Closed from Fort Rice to Hwy 24

By Malique Rankin | mrankin@kxnet.com

Published 10/24 2016 06:50PM

Updated 10/24 2016 06:50PM

Earlier today the Morton County Sheriff's Department closed Highway 1806 indefinitely from Fort Rice to Highway 24.
It was just over the weekend that protesters built a barricade of their own across highway 1806. 
It started with them parking cars in the road, then it escalated to a more permanent structure with barb wires, hay bales and tree stumps.
Last night, law enforcement made them take it down because it is illegal to block a public road. 
Today, the barricade was taken a part, but protesters were on scene, guarding materials, and maintaining what they are calling peaceful protests. 
Sioux Z. Yazzie, DAPL protester: "Those people went there to pray, we've been very peaceful. All of our this, we've been very peaceful. Yes we may have been breaking some laws and shutting down some roads and whatnot. But we need the world to wake up a little bit here."
DAPL protesters say they are keeping road block materials easily accessibly in case they feel threatened by law enforcement.
Having been on site the last couple of days, its clear tensions are just as high as they were when massive arrests took place and protester told me they plan to stand their ground as long as it takes. 
Sioux Z. Yazzie, DAPL protester: "If they do try to do anything to us, we can easily re-mobilize this back. Its just ready to move back over... We're very worried, we worried that they're gonna win. We're not going to let them win though.

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