Herreid Student is Cancer Free

Going "Hairless" in Herreid, South Dakota

 Braydon was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma in September.
  He's a 7th grader at Herreid Middle-School.
  Back In October the principal, Mr. Hoey, decided if Braydon was going to be bald so was he.
  A hairstylist was on hand, along with the entire Herreid school to watch the "be-hairing" event.
  But what happened next was most remarkable.
  After Mr. Hoey braved the shave, another student came up asking do to the same -- then another, then another....
  40 students and 3 and-a-half hours later -- it turned into a "Hairless" Herreid South Dakota.
  Braydon and his family were overwhelmed by the support.

  But now,  the best news of all.
  Braydon rang the bell at the Hosptial.

  He's officially been declared cancer free.

  Probably the best news any town could have received and just in time for Thanksgiving.

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