Haunted House Shows Off Spooky Collection

Bismarck - With Halloween fast approaching, two friends are teaming up for a scary good time with a haunted house filled with one creepy collection.

Ghouls and ghosts line the walk so you might want to watch your step.

"Lots of scares,you have to see it in person to get the full idea. You can't just see it on the screen," Jordan Heyd, haunted house creator says.

This Haunted House, at 2222 Hoover Street in Bismarck,  is a labor of love for Jordan Heyd and Lucas Kaiser.

And it all began with a chance meeting at a Halloween store.

"[We met] at Spirit of Halloween where basically all this stuff came from," Lucas Kaiser, haunted house creator says.

The fast friends cooked up a big dream to put on a haunted house of their very own.

"I've never had a big haunted house and I wanted to have one," Kaiser says.

And big is just what he got.

Jordan has been collecting animatronic Halloween figures for more than 10 years with his collection growing into the hundreds.

"You'll see [just about] every animated Halloween item ever made," Heyd says

His passion for the creepy and strange figures has even outgrown his house.

So Lucas provided the yard for the figures, and Jordan filled it, bringing their haunted house to life.

"It's just so much and I can't stop collecting it either," Heyd says.

Providing plenty of scares with ghouls, demons, ghosts, and witches, all for the thrill of their favorite holiday.

"It's fun because you get to watch people get scared," Kaiser says.

And just around the corner, you might find a fright of your very own.

Lucas and Jordan's Haunted House is providing plenty of screams all for a good cause.

They're asking for donations from visitors with all proceeds going to The Spirit of Children Charity to help support local children's hospitals.

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