Harrison excited to compete in first half marathon

The Fargo Marathon is this weekend. And Larissa Harrison is one of many people that will participate, but for her running helps with deal with the pain from the day that changed her life.

"It helps me be social and helps me be fit," Harrison said. "It helps me manage my pain. So no, I can't."

Larissa Harrison still deals with the pain from a car crash from 12 years ago.

"I was in a roll over car accident in 2005," Harrison said. "and so I have a fused vertebrate in my neck."

Larissa had neck surgery and went through physical rehab for two years. Ten years later her body is restored, but her mind still sees the images from that day.

"I'm still recovering from the car accident mentally," Harrison said. "You never get over something like that. You learned to live with it."

Larissa uses running to manage the chronic pain she still experiences today, but there was another hurdle she tackle: getting back in a car.

"You have to ride in a car," Harrison said. "You can't really function in this town very well --  independently -- without riding in a car."

Larissa said she's comfortable driving, but does have a list of questions if she ever has ride in the passenger seat.

"What's your driving record," Harrison said."Are you going to go the speed limit?"

Tomorrow, Larissa will participate in the 5K Walk/Run and on Saturday, she'll run in the half marathon. She expects to finish in about three hours.

"I would like to get it a little bit faster," Harrison said, "but that's been my average for the past three or four races."

Running the event is not about time, it's about the experience and what it represents in her life.

"It doesn't matter how fast you are," Harrison said. "It doesn't matter how slow you are, everybody is out to support each other. Everybody is out to do their best."

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