ND Governor Candidates Discuss Issues in First Forum of Election Season

Published 08/25 2016 10:37PM

Updated 08/25 2016 10:38PM

Each candidate expressed why it was their time to claim the governorship. 
"We need business leadership in the governor's office and I'm prepared to do that," says Republican candidate Doug Burgum.
And what their top three accomplishments would be once in office. 
"We have to get our economy moving. We really need a daycare for instance across this whole state," says Democratic candidate Marvin Nelson. 
Each candidate had a focus mostly of their own.
"I would make sure all farmers across the state can grow industrial hemp," says Libertarian candidate Marty Riske.  
Riske says as governor he'd draw influence from two different places. First modeling auditing behavior after non-profits which use independent auditors.
"I'd like to see it become a tradition in North Dakota politics even if I don't win," he says. 
He'd also use other states who've been successful in dealing with economic issues as examples for North Dakota.
"I think a constant stream of auditing lets the management know they this is going to be happening. I got keep my duck in a row." 
Each candidate also had their hand at the economic crisis and how to best deal with it. That includes Burgum's familiar plea that he wants to diversify the economy. He says North Dakota's also got to focus on increasing the efficiency of healthcare and education systems.
"Sometimes it's not about funding. It's about a better idea, because many of these places have gotten more money over the years but the results haven't gone up," says Burgum.  
According to Democratic candidate Marvin Nelson organization in office is one of the keys to getting things done. 
"We've got to get the governor doing some planning. We don't seem to have planning at this stage," says Marvin Nelson.
No matter their stance, in the next few months each candidate will have the job of convincing voters to trust in the specific platform they promoted on the stage Thursday night. Some will have a harder job than others. 

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