Governor Burgum's Senate Floor Dress Code Faux Pas

He walked on the senate floor with blue jeans on

"Somebody comes in with a hat or a cap, we have to ask them to remove it," says Jack Eisman, North Dakota Senate, Sergeant-at-Arms.

There are many rules on the senate floor.

"There's no beverages or food allowed in the chambers," says Eisman.

Wednesday our governor broke one of them. He made the mistake of walking onto the senate floor, passed the brass railings, wearing blue jeans - a huge no no. And you can guess he was confronted by those in charge of protocol.

"The governor came in with some school kids. He had his picture taken at the front desk. After the pictures were taken he was standing down taking with another individual I don't know who it was and they both had on jeans. So I just politely went down and said governor you need to leave the senate floor," says Eisman.

Another lawmaker had a similar experience. A few weeks ago Senator Erin Oban was called out for dressing too casual even though it was after the session adjourned.

"I was doing more work at my desk and happened to have jeans on and was told that was against senate protocol," says Sen. Erin Oban (D), North Dakota.

She says she hopes one day it won't apply to visitors on the floor.

"I learned my lesson. I guess I think it's a little unfortunate. I think this building should be open to everybody no matter what they're wearing," she says.

For now, the rules still stand. The sergeant at arms says the governor was very respectful leaving the floor quickly.

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